Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

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⭕️Watch us on Youmaker 👉 ——————— 00:00 NTD News Today—1/6/2022
04:46 1 Year Since January 6th
06:19 My Pillow’s Mike Lindell Suing Lawmakers
06:52 FBI Still Hunting Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Planter 07:42 Georgia Investigates Ballot Harvesting Claims
08:53 Fully Vaccinated Definition Won’t Change: CDC
09:34 NYC Sued Over Private Employer Vax Mandate
10:03 NY to Invest in Health Care, Renewable Energy
10:37 More at-Home Tests, Access to Boosters: Wash. 11:18 Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Unvaccinated Workers
13:42 USPS Asks for Vaccine Mandate Delay
14:22 Colo. Fire Victims Return, Heal From Losses
17:14 IRS to Know of Transactions $600 and Above
18:18 Expert on Biden’s Meat Industry Regulation
19:24 Biden Blames Corp. For Meat Price Increase
20:43 Ending Unemployment Benefit Will Help: Expert
21:44 Boston Marathon Bomber’s $1,400 Covid Relief
22:39 NYPD Conducts Early Morning Raids
24:34 New York’s Gov. Hochul Proposes Term Limits
25:43 Father of Girl Missing Since 2019 Is Arrested
26:34 Bureau of Prisons Director Is Retiring
27:03 Stolen Amazon Packages Found Near Dump Site
27:47 Coast Guard Brings Migrants Back to Cuba
31:05 $623M Jackpot-two Winning Tickets Sold
31:30 2022 Grammys Postponed Over Omicron Surge
32:19 Sundance Film Fest Cancels in-person Events
32:50 CES 2022, Tech’s Big Show Goes on
34:31 General Motors Unveils Electric Pickup Truck
36:48 US to Impose Restrictions on Military Bases
37:26 HK Bans Flights From U.S., 7 Other Countries
41:54 Blinken, Germany Renew Warning to Russia 43:52 Peacekeepers Sent to Kazakhstan 45:48 Three Wise Men Back in Madrid Amid Pandemic
47:40 Italy Issues Vax Mandate for People Over 50 48:34 Backlash Over Macron’s Words for the Unvaxed
50:32 Google Maps Captures Italian Mafia Fugitive
51:14 Novak Djokovic Stuck in Immigration Detention
52:13 Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow ———————
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#Jan.6 #VaccineMandate
1 Year Since Jan. 6; NYC Sued Over Private Employer Vaccine Mandate


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