Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

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00:00 NTD Evening News—3/16/2021
01:13 Intel.: No 2020 Election Foreign Interference
03:17 Biden, Harris Tour U.S. Promoting Rescue Plan
04:57 Moderna Starts Vaccine Trial With Children
07:56 4 More States Join Texas Suit Against Google
09:29 Gen. Flynn Endorses Candidate for U.S. Senate
11:46 Professor Stands Up to Critical Race Theory
14:54 Facebook Blocks Christian Ministry Page
17:23 Congress to Debate Immigration Reform
19:35 Attempted Border Crossings to Hit 20Yr High
22:27 Newsom, Dems Launch Anti-Recall Campaign
23:20 San Francisco da Recall Effort
25:19 Grassley Urges ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Probe
27:32 Surviving NYC Winter With Outdoor Dining Only 31:41 Chinese Traffic Police Fine Drivers With Traps
34:05 Chinese-Owned Factories Set on Fire in Burma
35:11 U.S. Boosts Japan Alliance Amid China Threat
38:12 Bitcoin Atm’s Go Mainstream in the U.S.
40:49 News Corp Strikes Deal With FB in Australia
44:03 UK Government Steps for Protections for Women
46:21 UK PM Announces Foreign Policy, Defense Reset
48:00 Israel Discovers New Dead Sea Scroll Text
49:14 New Model of Ancient Greek Astronomy Device
51:31 Russian Man Trains Pet Geese
52:51 Fields of Daffodils in Need of Harvesting ———————
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#2020Election #RescuePlan #Moderna 4 More States Join Texas Suit Against Google; Attempted Border Crossings to Hit 20-Yr High | NTD


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