Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Five Massachusetts state lawmakers are banned from working inside the State House because they haven’t provided proof of having received the COVID-19 vaccine. The state representatives have not applied for any exemptions, the deadline for which was Nov. 1. State Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano, a Democrat, told The Boston Herald on Nov. 8 that he could not reveal which five lawmakers must now work from home due to “confidentiality concerns.” The number is down from seven last week after two state representatives decided to disclose their vaccination status in compliance with the House’s vaccine mandate, Mariano said. The mandate was approved by lawmakers in September. Out of 159 state House representatives, 149 have submitted proof of COVID-19 vaccination and five have applied for medical or religious exemptions or are due for their second shot, according to the outlet. Meanwhile, 98 percent House employees have complied with the vaccine mandate, with …

Author: Mimi Nguyen Ly

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