Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

By Tugba Yanaz It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon, and I am listening to my coaching client discuss a repeating altercation she has experienced with her peer. Let’s call this individual Dan. It’s been another week of Dan critiquing her projects and team members during the staff meeting. She doesn’t think that Dan acts this way intentionally, not necessarily, but he continues to act this way unabated, dropping passive-aggressive comments and laughing down her suggestions week after week after week. Every time she pursues a conversation with him to discuss his behavior, he responds with shock at the suggestion that his manner is nothing other than stellar, essentially gaslighting her. During our meeting, I can read the anger and frustration on her face. Her arms fly in aggressive, frantic motion. She feels victimized by her situation, as if there is no other option but to quit. But she actually doesn’t …

Author: Entrepreneur

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