Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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1. Migrant Families Released Into U.S.: Report
2. Calif. Center Hosts Immigrant Minors
3. Fla. Gov. Takes Action Against Vax Passports
4. Buttigieg: Mileage Tax Idea Not Part of Bill
5. Farmers Urge Biden to Resist Farm Regulations
6. SCOTUS to Hear Case on Kentucky Abortion Law
7. Gun Owners Doubt Bills Can Reduce Shootings
8. Woman: Shocked, Embarrassed by Cuomo
9. Alaska Anti-Trump Senator Faces Challenger
10. Archbishop Honors Officer Killed on Duty
11. Nike Sues Company Over ‘Satan Shoes’
12. Chauvin Trial Begins: Opening Statements
13. Group Sues, Seeks New Presidential Election
14. New Donald Trump Website Launched
15. Expert Explains How to Survive Mass Shooters
16. NYC Food Pantry Feeds, Protects Families
17. NYC Birdwatchers Enjoy Springtime Calm
18. DC Cherry Blossoms Reach Peak Early
19. China Sports Groups Unsure About Nike Boycott
20. Hugo Boss’s ‘Two-faced’ Comments on Xinjiang
21. Xinjiang Cotton Export Firms Suffer Huge Loss
22. Beijing Shrouded in Hazardous Sandstorm
23. China & Iran Sign 25-year Cooperation Deal
24. A Reverend Brings Supplies and Solace to Sailors
25. Fire and Flood Devastate Australians in the Bush
26. Lava Fountains in Icelandic Volcano
27. Outdoor Sports Resume in England
28. Moorish Bath House Unearthed in Seville
29. Inside the Louvre’s Hidden Collection A Border Patrol official tells The Epoch Times that most family units who are apprehended by Border Patrol after crossing the border are  being allowed into the United States. And in San Diego, one school district is teaching migrant children in person before their own students. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) plans to take executive action against vaccine passports. And author and former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf warns about the dangers of making these mandatory. What’s the Biden administration’s stance? A ninth woman has come forward to accuse Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) of sexual misconduct. She says Cuomo kissed her cheeks and flirted with her while visiting her home.
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#VaccinePassport #Cuomo #BorderCrisis 60+ Minors at Border Test Positive; Fla Gov to Act Against Vaccine Passport; 9th Woman Accuses Cuomo


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