Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

About supports all humans, period, regardless of identity politics.  Unlike the FauxWoke & Cancel cultures, we even support our opponents equal rights.  The FauxWoke & Cancel cultures constantly publicly lie claiming to represent the awakening & unification of minorities.  While simultaneously using scientific precision level psychological propaganda created & financed by the very fascistic establishments they claim to be fighting.  Purposefully preventing minorities & majorities from realizing how much more they have in common with their fellow Americans of all genders, races, and politics, than the false perception of larger populations of xenophobes everywhere than could realistically be possible in order to profit from you compulsively obsessing about a new imaginary boogey man: your neighbor. and it’s partner sites were created to expose FAKE WOKE culture aka “FauxWoke” culture because of the intentional destruction it was engineered to provoke: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” (1) ~ Black Lives Matter (BLM). will be 1 of many directly involved in exposing, stopping and dismantling the anti-human global technocracy disguising itself as “antifa”, “QAnon”, “BLM”, “Alt Right”, “Progressive” “Liberalism” being used to cull and eventually eliminate all humans.

Join in this fight for the future of all humanity!