Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Commentary The 16 States that met Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate to fully inoculate at least 70 percent of adults by July 4 were all Democrat. New York state has had its “Excelsior Pass” in place since March and, on Aug. 16, Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled out his COVID Safe App. to prevent the unvaccinated gaining access to restaurants, gyms, and performance venues in New York City. Now California is making its COVID vaccine records available on-line and Los Angeles City Council has recently approved a new ordinance requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, hair salons, and other venues. It’s beginning to look a lot like… apartheid and, most likely, will be coming to Democrat states first. By the beginning of September seven U.S. states had developed COVID apps while twenty-two had banned them. The split was mainly along predictable political lines, though the erstwhile red …

Author: Andrew Davies

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