Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

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Follow us on Youmaker: 00:00 NTD Evening News—3/12/2021
01:13 George Floyd Family Reaches $27M Settlement
02:56 Lawmakers Call for Cuomo Resignation
03:42 Cuomo Rebuffs Calls for His Resignation
04:31 Bipartisan Support Against Cuomo Mounts
07:00 No Blame Yet for Major Microsoft Hack: WH
09:33 Human Rights Group Opposes Beijing Olympics
12:25 Capitol Security Controversy Growing
14:56 Babbitt Family Seeks Answers in Capital Hill Killing
17:17 Cartel Expert: Cartel's Are Overwhelmed
20:39 Gyms Not Included in Covid Relief Package
22:13 Christian School in NYC to Remove “Mom & Dad”
24:04 NYC Parents Flee From Public Schools
26:01 CA Set to Open Theme Parks, Convention Halls
30:40 Japan Rejects Chinese Vaccine for Olympics
32:00 Canadian Visa Center Run by CCP-Tied Agency
33:19 Chinese Market Drives Hollywood Censorship
37:53 Loophole Lets Creditors Seize $1,400 Checks
38:39 Police Cameras Monitor Car Movements
40:26 Tesla Investor Sues Elon Musk Over Tweets
41:05 Lithium Prices Soar With Electric Car Demand
42:54 Netflix May Crack Down on Password Sharing
44:18 Police Confirm Body of Sarah Everard
46:03 Brexit Trade Plummets, UK Economy Holds Up
47:26 UK’s Post-Brexit Study Abroad Scheme
48:41 Stuntman Spends 24 Hours in a Tub of Beans
51:08 Bowling Alley Drone Video Goes Viral
52:56 Daylight Saving Starts March 14 ———————
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#AshliBabbitt #CapitolBreach #Cuomo Ashli Babbitt's Family Seeks Answers in Capitol Shooting; Cuomo Rebuffs Calls for His Resignation


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