Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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00:00 NTD News Today—4/16/2021
01:18 At Least 8 Dead in Indianapolis Shooting
01:59 Japanese Prime Minister to Meet With Biden
02:49 5,800 Contracted COVID After Vaccination
03:39 Fauci Hopes J&J Vaccine Will ‘Get Back on Track’
04:26 Jordan Asks Fauci When Restrictions Will End
05:06 Inspector General on Capitol Police Failures
06:54 Democrat Bill Seeks To Expand Supreme Court
08:59 Tax Talks Crucial to Infrastructure Plan
11:40 Chicago Watchdog Releases Police Shooting Vid
13:25 Footage Shows Context of Ohio Police Shooting
15:10 2-Year-Old Child Dropped From Border Wall
16:02 Penn. Parents on the Need To Reopen Schools
18:50 MyPillow CEO to Launch Social Media Platform
19:57 Leaked Video of UFO Is Real: Defense Dept.
20:47 Mental Health Services for Healthcare Workers
22:48 CDC: Drug Overdoses Hit 20yr Peak
26:07 Trucking Companies Need Drivers
27:47 Walmart Converts Most Hourly Jobs to Full-Time
28:16 Small Businesses Defeat the Pandemic Odds
31:21 Life-Size ‘Teddy Bear’ Walks Ca Pacific Coast
32:22 Hong Kong Democracy Lawmakers Imprisoned
34:56 Former Officials on Ways U.S. Can Counter CCP
36:50 Chinese Tech Company Fined Over Fraud
38:11 Sandstorm Hits Beijing, Air Quality Suffers
39:08 China Exposed for Japan Fukushima Criticism
43:07 NATO Tells Russia: ‘De-Escalate Immediately’
45:09 Record 4.7m People on Hospital Wait List
47:37 App to Help UK Public Track Seal Populations
49:49 NASA Will Test Helicopter on Mars
51:34 Ralph Lauren Unveils Team USA Olympic Outfits A heated exchange in Congress. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asks infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci when the restrictions will end but isn’t satisfied with the answer. A House committee hears testimony about why police failed to protect the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The Inspector-General of Capitol Police testifies about the findings of his investigation. Video shows the police shooting of a teenager in Chicago. We hear from the family’s lawyer and police officials about the moments that led up to his death. ———————
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