Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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If you'd like to share our stories with friends, you can find those stories on our website: 00:00 NTD Evening News—5/10/2023
02:36 GOP: Biden Got $10M From Foreign Companies
05:19 Comer top Subpoena Biden Records at More Banks
05:46 George Santos Arrested; Fraud, Theft Charges
08:21 Migrants Gathering in Mexico as Title 42 Ends
08:56 Mexico toHelp the U.S. Slow Down the Influx
09:11 NYC Scrambling to House Illegal Immigrants
09:38 Chicago Reaches Capacity, Declares Emergency
10:21 DeSantis Signs Bill on Illegal Immigration
11:04 Biden Hits GOP Debt Limit Plan Amid New Talks
12:52 Analysis: Tucker's Twitter Plans
19:57 Calif. to Pay $24m to Family for Man's Death
20:57 Newsom Responds to Preparations Recommendation
22:35 NYT Secures $100m Deal W/Google
23:15 4.9%CPI Inflation, How to Protect Your Money
25:54 Tiger Out for PGA Championship Next Week
26:32 Jets-Dolphins to Play NFL's 1st Black Friday
26:56 NBA Tonight: Warriors, Knicks Down 3-1
27:14 NHL Tonight: Panthers Looks to Sweep
27:26 MLB Tonight: Verlander, Mets Face Reds –
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