Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

News Analysis The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) coming ban on non-state media in China expands Xi Jinping’s power at the expense of his domestic rivals and the Chinese economy. The CCP is making yet another move to consolidate its growing power. Non-state media will likely be banned in the near future. That means outlets like Caixin and the South China Morning Post, which field reporters on the mainland and have leagues doing more critical reporting on China than state media like the People’s Daily and Global Times, are about to go under. Their loss will be a further loss to international investors of insights into China’s economy, making it more opaque and riskier than ever. A significant decrease in foreign direct investment (FDI) and Chinese asset values should ensue. The draft law has been released for comment and states that privately funded organizations “shall not engage in news-gathering, editing, and …

Author: Anders Corr

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