Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

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——————— 00:00 NTD News Today—4/14/2020
01:19 Blinken Visits Afghanistan, Meets With Pres.
04:54 China Threat A Priority for U.S.: Spy Chief
06:45 Spy Chiefs: Unsure How Virus Spread to Humans
07:30 Gov. Noem: No to Housing Illegal Immigrants
09:11 VP Harris to Soon Visit Mexico, Guatemala
11:56 Centrist Democrats Gain Power in the House
13:25 Democrat Bill Seeks to Expand SCOTUS to 13
14:10 House Committee Passes D.C. Statehood Bill
16:16 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Canceled
16:50 Candidates Flood Special Election in Texas
18:38 Tulsa Hosts ‘Health and Freedom’ Conference
20:05 Arrests Continue in Daunte Wright Protests
20:56 Suspect Shoots at Police in Georgia
22:21 Woman Caught Smuggling $94K of Cocaine in NY
22:59 New Yorkers Feel Public Transit Is Not Safe
24:54 Lincoln Center’s Plaza Transforming Into Park
26:35 Memorial Day Motorcycle Ride Returns to D.C.
30:49 IRS Delays Tax Day Until May 17
31:26 Tenn. Senate Passes Vaccine Passport Ban
32:02 Calif. Teacher Berates Students in Zoom Class
33:27 Washington Holds Huge Largest Tulip Festival
35:56 WH Sends Ex-Officials to Visit Taiwan
37:37 Philippines Summons Chinese Ambassador
38:41 French Sen. Reacts to HK Epoch Times Attack
43:18 Lockdown Ease: The Future of Retail in London
45:49 UK’s Ancient Woodlands Under Threat: Report
48:03 Exhibition Tells Story of Rome’s Gladiators
49:37 Italian Student Learns Alongside Goats
51:52 Stray Cat Invades Soccer Field in Turkey
52:29 Musical Model Train Sets Guinness Record U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan one day after Biden announced all troops are heading home. Some officials say the drawdown is the right move, but others disagree. Top U.S. spy agencies warn about the China threat. They say Beijing is trying to change global norms in favor of its authoritarian system. Democrats are down to a razor-thin majority in the House, after Rep. Julia Letlow (R-La.) is sworn in. How will that impact President Joe Biden’s agenda?
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#Sanctions #Immigrants #ChinaThreat Biden Admin Expels Russian Diplomats, Imposes New Sanctions; S. Dakota Won’t Take Illegal Immigrants


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