Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

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Follow us on Youmaker: 00:00 NTD Business News- 3/15/2021
00:57 Yellen Says Wealth Tax Not Off The Table
01:40 Prof: Biden Advisors Pushing Flawed Economics
06:36 New York Proposing $7 Billion Tax on Rich
08:33 Does The PRO Act Help Employees?
11:33 Top Firms More Dominant During Pandemic: IMF
12:26 Stripe's Value Hits $95B after Latest Fundraising
13:01 Report: Maduro Laundering Venezuela's Gold
17:32 European Countries Pause Astrazeneca Vaccine
18:07 UK: Record Number Of Stores Closed In 2020
21:15 Toys R Us Sold to Brand Management Firm
22:03 How to Avoid Overpaying When Shopping
24:17 Record Travel Hits New Pandemic-Era High: TSA
24:52 Rarest, Greatest Relics to Sell for Millions ———————
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#Tax #Biden #PROAct Biden Advisors Pushing Flawed Economics: Prof; Wealth Tax Not Off The Table: Yellen | NTD Business


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