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00:00 NTD News Today—4/8/2020
01:12 MS-13 Gang Member Caught Illegally Crossing
01:56 Texas to Probe Child Abuse Allegations
02:51 Psaki: Obama-Era Cam Program Needs Reforms
03:59 The Threat of Terrorists Crossing the Border
07:32 Biden Set to Sign Gun Control Orders
08:50 Gun Rights Advocates to Fight Back
09:40 Biden Picks Gun Control Advocate to Lead ATF
10:23 Babbitt’s Death a Homicide: Medical Examiner
11:36 10 More Dems Join Lawsuit Against Trump
13:13 Biden Defends Infrastructure Plan
15:39 Commerce Sec. Says Trump Tariffs Saved Jobs
16:48 States Seek to Reign in Big Tech
17:58 Feds Side with States Against Facebook
18:21 Georgia Ends All Lockdown Restrictions
19:06 Sen. Cruz Denounces ‘For the People’ Act
20:32 Fmr Gov.: Beijing Must be Held Accountable
21:53 Survey: Americans Are Saving Stimulus Checks
22:34 Trump Net Worth Fell by $1B During Presidency
23:55 Kennedy Center Will Reopen This September
24:34 NY Philharmonic Thanks Healthcare Workers
29:21 Washington Gun Sales Up Since Last Year
31:57 San Fran Firefighters’ Ocean Rescue Drill
33:53 Carnival Threatens to Pull Ships From U.S.
34:54 China Steps Up Pressure; Taiwan Vows to Fight
36:53 S. Korea Seeks Cooperation With Quad Alliance
38:10 Wuhan Cemeteries Packed on Memorial Day
39:47 UK’s Welcome Package for Fleeing HongKongers
41:21 Hong Kong Activist Granted Asylum in Britain
44:39 Business Owners Protest Italy’s Virus Rules
46:26 France: Notre Dame Fire Two Years Anniversary
47:14 Century-Old Grocery Store in Moscow to Close
48:59 UK Red Phone Booths Now Sell Coffee, Tiramisu
49:35 More Left-Handed Dogs Than People: Study
51:29 Italy’s ‘Dying’ Town Seeks UNESCO Status
54:15 Early Renaissance Art Returns to Cathedral Serious child abuse allegations emerge at a facility housing unaccompanied minors in Texas. What does the state’s governor say needs to be done? President Joe Biden says he’ll announce a plan for gun control later this week. It could include executive action. How are gun rights advocates responding? The death of a protester who was shot by Capitol Police during the January 6th breach has been ruled a homicide. And more House Democrats join a lawsuit against Trump for allegedly inciting the breach.
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#Biden #GunControl #Migrants Biden Announces New Gun Control Measures; MS-13 Gang Member Caught Illegally Crossing | NTD


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