Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

The Democrats HATE the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ because it destroys their lies that the majority of Americans voted for Biden.  It shines the light on the truth.

In an article at Twitchy about recent tweets that have not yet been censored and taken down at Twitter, John Hayward pinpoints why the Democrats hate the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.  This phrase started with “F&ck Joe Biden” and morphed into the current phrase after a reporter intentionally replaced the two phrases after a Nascar win by Brandon Brown.

Hayward makes some clever observations on the phrase now hated by the communist left.

Biden is a huge failure and they want us to believe that we are the only ones that see it.

The communists hate America.  They want to destroy us.  Keeping us in isolation is a big part of their strategy.

The post “Biden Has Been a Huge Failure In Every Way that Matters” – Why Dems Are So Furious About ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Author: Joe Hoft

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