Sat. May 8th, 2021

Joe Biden, like Barack Obama, is fine pushing radical Black Lives Matter garbage on the US military, but sailors are not allowed to push ‘political partisan’ issues, otherwise.

FOX News reported:

The US Navy’s “extremism” training says it’s okay to advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) while at work but sailors are not allowed to discuss “politically partisan” issues, according to training slides obtained by Fox News.

A question posed in a “scenarios for discussion” slide asked if BLM was “political stuff” that superiors in the Navy are “not supposed to be talking about at work,” according to the slides, which Fox obtained from a U.S. military official who took part in the training at the Pentagon.

The answer given by the Navy called BLM a “public policy issue” and gave the green light for advocating for the organization “as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature.”

“Advocating for or against a public policy issue (as here) is authorized as long as the behavior is otherwise lawful and the advocacy is not politically partisan in nature (e.g. it doesn’t specifically address a political party),” the slide reads. “If the discussions make you uncomfortable, discuss the matter with your boss or another supervisor.”

Black Lives Matter came on the scene more than four years ago.  This racist group segregates and defines individuals based on color.  It also is very violent accounting for numerous deaths:

LEADERSHIP=> Donald Trump Promises to “Make America Safe Again” After 5 Cops Murdered at Black Lives Matter Protest

But BLM is OK to push on Obama and Biden’s militaries.  They are fine pushing racism and criminal violence?  This is not America.

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Author: Joe Hoft

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