Mon. May 16th, 2022

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NTD Evening News—10/13/2021
1. Biden Meets With Leaders Over Supply Issues
2. U.S. Home Heating Costs May Rise This Winter
3. Big Oil Executives to Testify Before Congress
4. Facebook Whistleblower Sophie Zhang Speaks Up
5. Pfizer: Approved Vaccines Not Available Yet
6. Healthcare Workers Against Vaccine Mandate
7. Discussion Panel: States Securing Own Borders
8. Ohio Dad Shuttles Kids to School—in Limo
9. Social Security Checks to Go Up Next Year
10. William Shatner Now Oldest Space Traveler
11. Traffic Agents Get Into Fistfight With Driver
12. Alisal Fire Closes Major Calif. Hwy 101
13. China’s Liaoning: Worsening Power Crunch
14. China Boosts Coal Output, Raises Power Prices
15. Workers Protest Conditions Amid Power Outages
16. Norway: Several Killed in Bow & Arrow Attack
17. Italians Protest Workplace Health Pass System
18. Parisians Angry at Mayor for ‘Trashed’ City
19. Social Media Called On to Combat Antisemitism
20. Imperial War Museum: WWII & Holocaust Exhibit
21. Rome Using Traps to Control Wild Boar Hoards
22. Bosnian Man Creates a Rotating House ———————
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