Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Subscribe to the JBS Rumble Channel:​ Americans have been well conditioned this past year that government can curtail many of their freedoms in the name of safety. Now, President Biden in his April 8th speech while discussing gun violence stated, “But no amendment – no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” If Americans don’t start understanding the basic principles within our founding documents and demand adherence to them, our Constitution and Republic will be scrapped completely. Find out the dangerous path America is on and what you can do about it. Action Items:
1) Read and share “Federalism Is the Best Step” 2) Read and share “State Nullification: An Idea Deeply Embedded in American History”
3) Watch and Share: The Constitution is the Solution: ▶️ More Related Videos
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– Nullification Stops Gun Control: LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let’s Connect! –
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