Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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01:02 Biden Says U.S. Would Use Force Against Iran
01:59 Manchin Raises Alarm on Inflation
04:14 U.S. Consumers Faced 9.1% Inflation in June
06:26 Massive Interest Rate Hike Now on the Table
06:55 Joseph Trevisani, Senior Analyst, FXStreet
07:18 Analysis: U.S. Sees Near-term Inflation Peak With Oil Prices Falling Over Past Month
07:42 Analysis: Global Challenges Remain Constant Fueling Worldwide Inflation
08:09 Analysis: 10-year Treasury Securities Rates Lower Than 2-year, a ‘Reliable’ Signal of Recession
08:44 Analysis: Federal Reserve in Bad Position as It Underestimated Inflation for a While
09:44 Analysis: Slowdown in Government Spending and More Available Energy Could Reduce Inflation
10:29 Analysis: Consumers Cutting Back on Discretionary Spending Amid Inflation Could Fuel Recession
11:13 U.S. Lawmakers Press for Semiconductor Bill
13:04 Az Democrat, Ex-mayor Admits to Ballot Abuse
15:07 Former CIA Employee Convicted in Data Leak
16:15 VA: 44 People Missing After Severe Flooding
16:57 Man Charged in Rape of 10-yr-old Ohio Girl
18:16 Human Smuggling Victims Returned to Mexico
19:09 NYC Nuclear Attack PSA Airs in Times Square
21:17 Judge Strikes Down NY Quarantine Rules
22:17 $90,000 in Taxes Funding LGBT Pride Events
23:07 TSA 10-percent Understaffed
23:54 Feds Sued Over Plan for Endangered Wolves
28:04 Ukraine Grain Export Deal Expected in Days
29:52 Ukrainian Entrepreneur Creates Solar Panels
31:59 Canada Returns Turbine for Russia's Pipeline
33:13 ‘United We Support Ukraine': German President
34:30 Yellen: China is a Key Creditor of Sri Lanka
35:45 AUS PM Meets W/ Solomon Islands Counterpart
37:46 Chinese AI Aims to Test Loyalty to Beijing
42:04 Macron Leads Bastille Day Celebrations
42:49 Wildfires Burn Across Europe
44:19 What Does Euro-dollar Parity Mean?
46:31 Bank of Canada Announces Surprising Rate Hike
48:04 Peru Seeks U.S. Help to Stop Drug Planes as Cocaine Trafficking Grows
49:09 Argentina Farmers Hold 24-hour Strike
50:17 Europe's Upgraded Vega Space Launcher Makes Inaugural Flight
51:12 Mysterious Fast Radio Burst in Space Has 'Heartbeat' Pattern
51:58 Djokovic Hopes to Play in U.S. and Australia ———————
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