Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

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0:00 NTD Evening News—4/7/2021
1:07 Biden Defends Infrastructure Plan
3:34 Biden to Make Announcement on Gun Control
3:48 Michigan’s Third Virus Wave Tops Other States
6:12 Utah, Alabama to Lift Mask Requirements
6:48 Sen. Cruz Denounces ‘For the People’ Act
8:14 Andrew Giuliani May Run for NY Governor
9:07 Arkansas Bans Child Transgender Surgery
10:50 Migrant Children: Another Convention Center
12:35 Harris Calls Mexico’s Pres. Over Migration
13:25 4. No Plans for Harris to Visit Border: WH
13:58 5. Border Wall Construction Remains Paused: WH
14:39 Trump Net Worth Fell by $1B During Presidency
16:05 Cornell Faculty Rejects Partnership w/ China
18:12 Pompeo, Thiel Talk China, Big Tech
20:53 400 Fire Fighters Battle NYC Fire for 12 Hrs
22:42 Authorities Reveal Cause of Tiger Woods’ Crash
24:28 San Fran Firefighters’ Ocean Rescue Drill
26:27 Navy Corpsman Who Shot 2 Sailors Identified
27:04 Kennedy Center Will Reopen This September
27:47 States Requiring Job Search for Benefits
30:58 8X More Soldiers in Taiwan’s Military Drills
32:54 S. Korea Seeks Cooperation With Quad Alliance
34:09 Wuhan Cemeteries Packed on Memorial Day
36:17 Easy Access to Porn Fuels Abuse Concerns
38:20 Business Owners Protest Italy’s Virus Rules
40:07 Cyprus’ Halloumi Cheese Gets Protected Status
43:35 More Left-Handed Dogs Than People: Study
44:59 NASA Will Test Helicopter on Mars
46:52 Spring Baby Alert: Zoo Welcomes New Giraffe ———————
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#InfrastructurePlan #Migrants #GunControl Biden to Make Announcement on Gun Control; Tiger Woods Crash Cause Revealed; VP Calls Mexican Pres.


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