Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia—Trade union leaders and civic leaders in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz called upon businesses and transportation workers to unite in what they’re calling an “indefinite civil strike” in response to a new law approved by the nation’s legislature that some have called a “gateway to communism.” The strike against the socialist party and government of President Luis Arce began on Nov. 8. The action was in response to a new law, number 386, officially titled the “National Strategy to Fight Against Legitimizing Illicit Profits and the Financing of Terrorism.” The law allows the nation’s president to regulate the aspects of the nation’s financial system strictly by decree. Sen. Rodrigo Paz Pereira said the law has created a “tripod of control and power over the country.” The law centralizes broad swaths of Bolivia’s power structure and allows the government access to private bank accounts, leaving many Bolivians worried about …

Author: Autumn Spredemann

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