Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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NTD Evening News—4/9/2021
1. Prince Philip Dies at the Age of 99
2. Biden Sets Commission to Review Court Packing
3. Biden’s $2T Pkg to Eliminate Zoning Laws
4. Dakota Access Pipeline in Use, Under Review
5. Border Surge Biggest in BP History: Official
6. New York to Give $2.1B to Illegal Immigrants
7. Michigan on Track to Break Virus Case Record
8. Student Admits to Writing Racist Graffiti
9. U.S. Green Economy Relies on China
10. U.S. Lawmakers Seek to End Organ Harvesting
11. Lawyer: Grandma Attack Not Racially Motivated
12. Calif. Trans Inmates to Move to Women’s Prison
13. NYC’s Coney Island Parks Re-Opening
14. D.C. Public Schools Will Fully Reopen in Fall
15. Philippines Warns China With U.S. Treaty
16. S. Korea, U.S. Sign Defense Cost-Sharing Deal
17. Italy Blocks Chinese Semiconductor Takeover
18. Statutory Rape Victim Seeks Help Online
19. Father Opposed to Child’s Sex Change Jailed
20. N.Y. Raises Taxes; Will More Wealthy Flee?
21. Amazon Workers Vote Against Plan to Unionize
22. International Travel After 17 May: Testing for All
23. Napoleon’s Daughter’s Jewels Set for Auction
24. Jellyfish Galore Swoosh Into Italian Harbor
25. Frisky Brown Zoo Bears Wake From Hibernation ———————
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#CourtPacking #BorderSurge #Biden Border Surge Biggest in Border Patrol History: Official; Supreme Court Packing to be Reviewed | NTD


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