Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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NTD EVENING News —10/1/2021
1. Biden: ‘we’re Going To Get This Done’
2. Calif. First State To Mandate Student Vaccine
3. Calif. Vaccine And Mask Mandate Updates
4. Religious Exemption Temporarily Allowed In NY
5. Supreme Court Declines NYC Teachers
6. Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive For Covid-19
7. Merck To Request Approval For Covid-19 Drug
8. Educators Seek Biden’s Help With ‘threats’
9. Texas Doctor: ‘abortion Is A Blessing’
10. More Government Expansion During Pandemic
11. Over 800 Arrests, 1.8m Fake Pills Seized
12. Border Security Concerns: Migrants Without Id
13. Marine In Military Confinement: Parents Speak
14. Dollar Tree To Test Higher Price Ranges
15. HK: Pro-democracy Protest On ‘national Day’
16. China Sends 38 Military Planes Toward Taiwan
17. Protesters Against Boston Flying Chinese Flag
18. Strict Enforcement Of Lockdowns In Australia
19. Leader Of New South Wales, Australia Resigns
20. Many British Gas Stations Still Dry
21. El Salvador Uses Volcanoes To Mine Bitcoin
22. First Imperial Wedding In Russia Since 1917
23. Students Invent Solar Powered Home On Wheels
24. Man Transforms Old Pig Shed Into Irish Pub
25. Teenager Illustrates, Photographs Bird Guide
26. Disney World Celebrates 50th Anniv. On Oct. 1 ———————
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