Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Follow us on Youmaker: 00:00 Capitol Security Controversy Growing
Over 2000 troops continue to stand guard at the US Capitol. But an uncovered memo reveals that the guard chief advised against extending troop-deployment, just before the pentagon approved the extension. 02:50 Cartel Expert: Cartel’s Are Overwhelmed
Reuters reports that the Mexican President is worried Biden's asylum polices are encouraging organized crime, and boosting human trafficking. A cartel expert says the same thing. In fact, he says the cartels are smuggling so many migrants, they need new methods of tracking them. 06:11 Babbitt Family Seeks Answers in Capital Hill Killing
The family of Capital Hill protester Ashli Babbitt is seeking answers in the January 6th killing of their loved one. Still, details of the case remain vague. 08:08 Loophole Lets Creditors Seize $1,400 Checks
Already know what you'll spend your stimulus check on? Well, if you owe someone money, be aware, they might be able to take it directly from your account. There's a loophole in the new relief bill that wasn't in the last one. 08:47 George Floyd Family Reaches $27M Settlement
Minneapolis reached a giant settlement with the family of George Floyd. Lawyers, city leaders, and Floyd's family spoke about the deal. ———————
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