Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

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01:39 Building Collapse Rescuer: ‘Sometimes We Cry’
03:24 Fla. to Ask Grand Jury to Probe Collapse
03:46 Maricopa County Replacing Voting Machines
05:06 Wis. Elections Comm. Sued Over Drop Boxes
05:29 NYC Mayoral Vote Count Voided After Mistake
06:23 Child Migrant Found Abandoned
07:08 Trump, GOP to Visit TX-Mexico Border
08:04 Bill to Remove Confederate Statues in Capitol
09:23 Andy Ngo’s Podcast Banned From Soundcloud
10:36 Senator Reveals Shield Law for Journalists
11:19 Budd Proposes Cutting $5.6B in Earmarks
12:59 Report: Solar Panels Produce More Waste
15:33 Probe Into FDA’s Alzheimer’s Drug Approval
16:53 Law Let’s Illinois Student-athletes Cash In
17:49 Washington State Parent on Sex Ed Curriculum
20:24 Bald Eagle Cams Show Diverse Personalities
25:12 Los Angeles Residents Consider D.A. Recall
27:40 L.A. Opens Fourth Tiny Home Village
30:23 Cost of 4th of July Cookouts Rise This Year
31:09 GOP: We Must Hold CCP Accountable for Virus
34:07 ‘Unprecedented’ Security Control in Beijing
35:36 Fire Set in Front of Chinese Foreign Ministry
36:19 Kim Jong Un Scolds Officials for Pandemic Lapse
40:24 Rome’s Colosseum Opens Underground Labyrinth
42:25 Couple Builds Russian Treehouse Hotel
44:38 Newborn Deer Get Tagged and Bagged in Ireland
46:05 Serena Williams’ Wimbledon Aims End in Injury
47:44 Good Things Can Happen When Your Gut Is Happy ———————
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