Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

President Trump’s Secretary of State had much to say about Biden’s ‘childish’ actions with China this past week.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared some thoughts this past week about China:

Allowing China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics would give the communist nation a boost in credibility similar to the 1936 Summer Games in Nazi Germany, according to former Secretary of States Mike Pompeo this week.

“We know the history and those of us who have worked with our friends in Israel and have worked on anti-Semitism have talked about never allowing what happened in the 1930s to happen again …” Pompeo told Fox News’ “America Reports” on Thursday.

“Well, what’s happening in the 1930s is happening in western China today. There are eerie, eerie similarities between the two, and hosting the Olympic Games — as the Germans were able to do in 1936 — gave great credibility to that regime,” Pompeo continued. “We ought not to permit that to happen. The International Olympic Committee has a responsibility to make sure that host for these games deserve it. This regime certainly does not.”

Pompeo added that he thought the Biden’s actions with Russia were “childish” and he shared that: “China presents “the greatest existential threat” to the United States”.

Biden and his team have no idea how to deal with China or any of the US’s threats.


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Author: Joe Hoft

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