Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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——————— 00:00 NTD News Today—4/13/202001:19 Top Official Contradicts Biden on Border
02:10 S.C. Blocks Feds From Bringing Minors There
02:48 Mexican Children Take Up Arms Against Cartels
03:20 City Manager Fired Following Police Shooting
05:50 Biden’s Supreme Court Packing ‘Over-Hyped’
08:29 Gun Seller: WH Gun Control Plan ‘Laughable’
09:27 Biden’s Plan to Control Zoning Rules
10:54 Sen. Hawley Introduces Antitrust Bill
11:41 Top Business Leaders Discuss Election Reform
12:40 Appeal on House Metal Detector Fine Denied
13:17 Fauci Explains Why He Changed Mask Advice
14:46 FEMA Tech Issues With Funeral Program Launch
16:02 U.S. Calls for Pause on J&J Vaccines
17:28 Florida Reaches Single-Digit CCP Virus Deaths
18:13 NY HS President Fired Over Sexual Allegations
18:58 Beehive Deliveries in New York City
23:26 Weinstein Extradition to CA Delayed
24:26 Man Dead, Girlfriend Survives in Death Valley
25:22 China Newspaper Delivered to U.S. Communities
28:42 Intruders Attack the Epoch Times in Hong Kong
30:54 Lawmakers Condemn Attack on HK Epoch Times
31:56 Chinese Navy Chases Civilians in S. China Sea
33:34 Alibaba Shares Rise After Anti-Monopoly Fine
38:29 UK Opens Probe Into Lobbying by Ex-PM Cameron
40:06 England Reopens, Brits Rejoice
43:04 Paris Commune Controversial Commemoration
45:55 French Cabin Crew Eye Post-Crisis Takeoff
48:11 Fire Engulfs Historical Russian Building
49:36 What Mud Bubbles Tell Us About Volcanoes
51:54 European Bison Conservation Effort Underway South Carolina blocks the federal government from placing migrant children in the state’s foster care system. Governor Henry McMaster (R-S.C.) says South Carolina children should always be put first. Residents continue to protest a young man’s death following a police shooting near Minneapolis. That’s as the city council makes changes to the chain of command. What are experts saying about police use of force? President Joe Biden delivered on his promise to create a Supreme Court commission, but some say he’s only appeasing his political party, rather than trying to make lasting changes.
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#GunControl #ElectionReform #AntitrustBill City Manager Fired Following Police Shooting; S.C. Blocks Feds From Bringing Minors There | NTD


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