Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

CNN hacks have no way to interpret the red wave last night in Virginia other than to call it racism.  It’s what they do.

Last night hosts on CNN had a meltdown and claimed the main reason for the Biden shellacking in Virginia was due to false racist comments made by the right.

They shared:

Some of this was dog-whistle.  Some of this was dog-whistle racism.

This isn’t the first time CNN claimed Republicans were engaged in racism.  Crazy kooks say this on CNN all the time.

CNN’s “Cultural Critic” Claims America Was Built On “Anti-Blackness” And “All The People Who Voted For Donald Trump Are Racist” [VIDEO]

Dom Lemon makes this his mission to call Republicans racists. (He doesn’t know the Democrats were the slave owners who voted against freedom for the slaves, created the KKK and voted against the Civil Rights Acts.)

CNN’s Don Lemon Reacts To Record Low Black Unemployment By Taking A Swipe At Trump

CNN stopped being a joke some time ago.  They are now simply pathetic.

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Author: Joe Hoft

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