Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Coinbase is now “much more aligned” and has even increased the number of its employees a year after the company announced it would focus on creating an open financial system for the world and disengage from social activism and political issues, prompting some workers to walk out. In series of Twitter posts published on Oct. 1, Co-Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong said the company’s headcount has increased by 110 percent since Sept. 27, 2020, when he made the initial announcement, while some of its diversity numbers have improved on some metrics. “It’s been about a year since my mission-focused blog post. It wasn’t easy to go through at the time, but looking back, it turned out to be one of the most positive changes I’ve made at Coinbase, and I’d recommend it to others,” Armstrong wrote. “We have a much more aligned company now, where we can focus on getting work done toward our mission. …

Author: Katabella Roberts

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