Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Sometimes YouTube censors our videos. Help the freedom movement by subscribing to: • The JBS Rumble Channel: • The JBS YouMaker Channel: There exists a deceptive, “conservative”-led movement to open up the U.S. constitution for changes using a method that’s never been tried—by calling an Article V constitutional convention, or Con-Con. The Con-Con is being pitched as the way to save the country, and many well-meaning patriots are being duped into believing it. However, it would do the opposite of saving the country — it would destroy the Constitution, and the United States with it. In this episode, Paul and Christian Gomez, JBS’ Research Project Manager, discuss why a Con-Con is dangerous, the people behind its push, and how to stop it. Resources & Action Items
1.) Learn about the Con-Con danger: 2.) Elect constitutionalists and vote out un-American reps with help from the Congressional Scorecard: 3.) Read “Leftists can rig elections, they certainly can rig a constitutional convention” by the Federalist: 4.) See what Dr. Ron Paul has to say about a Con-Con: 5.) Join the John Birch Society: ▶️ More Related Videos
– COS Debate Brown vs. Meckler:
– Why We Are Against a Constitutional Convention:
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