Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Cuba’s ruling Communist Party appears to have largely shut down anti-regime protests planned for Monday, while detaining and intimidating a number of activists, according to multiple reports. Thousands of people were expected to take to the streets across the country this week as part of the “Civic March for Change” to demand greater political freedom and the release of jailed political activists. The pro-democracy protests, organized by Archipelago, an opposition group headed by Cuban playwright Yunior García Aguilera, 39, have been banned by Cuba’s regime and leader Miguel Diaz-Canel. On Sunday, Aguilera was blocked from leaving his own home after swarms of plainclothes police officers and regime supporters surrounded his apartment. His phone lines and Internet connection were also cut, the organizer told The Washington Post. The activist waved a white rose from his apartment window and hung a sign reading “My house is blocked,” but regime supporters quickly raced to cover the side of his building and his …

Author: Katabella Roberts

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