Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Commentary A recent episode prompts me to ponder the fact that Facebook is becoming a force for censorship that might leave even some Communist Party of China members shamefaced. Last week, I passed along a prospective editorial opinion column to The Epoch Times on behalf of two colleagues who are partners at a boutique law firm in Ottawa. Epoch Times editors liked the content and after giving it their professional scrutiny and suggesting some clarification, posted it on the outlet’s website. The folks at the law firm were delighted and wanted their work to get even wider attention so they sought to pay to have it boosted on Facebook. Here’s the answer they got back: “Your ad was rejected because it doesn’t comply with our advertising policies. To learn more, view your ad in Account Quality. You can request a review if you think your ad was incorrectly rejected.” The …

Author: Peter Stockland

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