Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Tempers have been escalating at school board meetings this year more than ever. So much so, that Biden’s Department of Justice issued a directive to the FBI on October 4th, instructing them to prepare cracking down on all threats toward board members and teachers. The order was issued in response to a complaint from a leftist group. One can only assume that those targeted on the FBI’s list will be those against Critical Race Theory and transgender men in woman’s sports. Calling the FBI to handle such matters goes against the Constitution. It’s clear that the local police are the proper authority to call in these cases. To add insult to injury, the FBI has had a very dark, disturbing past. Since creating a federal task force is not practical, nor legal, what are parents to do now that Biden has released his attack dogs? Hear from Robert Owens what you can do to make your voice heard at your local school board meetings. Action Items!
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