Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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NTD Evening News—7/27/2021
1. Members of Congress Support Freedom for Cuba
2. Police Officers Testify at 1st Jan. 6 Hearing
3. GOP Rep’s Demand Answers on Jan. 6 Prisoners
4. CDC: Vaccinated People Should Wear Masks
5. DOJ Declares Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal
6. 300+ Lawmakers Call on SCOTUS to Overturn Roe
7. First Arrest Warrant for Texas Dem Lawmaker
8. Arizona Senate Issues Fresh Subpoenas
9. Org. Working to Prevent Child Sex Trafficking
10. Barbara Boxer Assaulted, Robbed in Oakland
11. Tech Giants Crack Down on Extremism, Hate
12. Canada Border Guards Vote to Strike
13. Chinese Scholar: I Saw a Long Lost Art
14. Japan PM: Virus Cases ‘Not a Problem’ for Olympics
15. NYC Restaurant Serves Up $200 French Fries
16. Free Annual Passes for California State Parks
17. Millions of Salmon Moved to Cooler Waters
18. Stickball Team Enjoys Traditional Sport
19. Texas Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Giraffes
20. Residents Commemorate Subway Flood Victims
21. Missing Husband Found Dead: Flooded Chinese Subway
22. Authorities Destroy River Dikes Amid Floods
23. Civilian Rescuers Help China’s Flood Victims
24. HK Man Found Guilty in Trial Without Jury
25. China Stocks Suffer Amid Government Crackdown
26. U.S. Airports Running Low on Jet Fuel
27. 2 Dead, 5 Missing After Explosion in Germany
28. Vintage Car Parade in Paris ———————
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#Cuba #CapitolBreach #Masks First Arrest Warrant for Texas Dem Lawmaker; DOJ Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal | NTD


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