Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

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Follow us on Youmaker: https://www.youmaker.com/channel/5320bda9-baf2-46db-b7a1-870234ae7261 00:00 NTD News Today—3/11/2020
02:02 Republicans Blast Passage of Stimulus Bill
03:13 Biden Admin Eyes Raising Corporate Tax Rate
04:08 Mixed Reactions Over $1.9T Stimulus Bill
05:43 Biden Border Policy Endangers Americans’ Hard Work: Rep.
09:33 SCOTUS Dismisses Immigration Case
10:20 Republicans Want National Guard to Go Home
11:51 Delegation Serves Food to Natl Guard Troops
12:49 Senate Prepares Makor Infrastructure Bill
14:51 Latest Allegations Intensify Pressure on Cuomo
16:19 Blinken to Meet with Chinese Diplomats
18:44 Court Rules Against NYC Abortion Protesters
19:29 Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released in NYC
20:43 Texas Utility Manager Speaks gto Bank of America on Power Pricing Crisis
21:30 Business Leave Seattle Over Policy
24:13 New Yorkers Enjoy Preview of Spring
25:40 Calif. Winter Storm Triggers Massive Mudslide
27:05 Lawmakers: Year Long Daylight Savings Time
32:09 Man Behind Xi’s Info Leak Tortured by Police
34:57 U.S. Admiral: China Could Invade Taiwan
37:10 Chinese Facial Recognition Sees Through Masks
38:03 China Summons UK Ambassador Over Article
39:06 Taiwan Says Currency Manipulator Label Likely
40:33 Boeing 737 Victim-Fund Experts Named: Report
42:26 Gas Prices Soaring and Could Go Even Higher
44:20 Costco Cheese Shortage Amid Shipping Delays
44:56 Apple Picks Munich for Major Chip Lab
46:08 Zillow, Trulia Hit with Antitrust Lawsuit
47:14 Walk Out Tech in Amazon’s First UK Store
49:33 Bahamas Private Island Up for Auction
50:43 Japan Remembers Fukushima Disaster
51:39 Japan’s ‘Wind Phone’ Offers Families Solace
53:33 Fukushima Rancher Guards Irradiated Cattle Senate Republicans criticized President Joe Biden’s massive spending bill after Congress passed it without GOP support. How will the administration pay for the stimulus? Another controversy at the Capitol. The National Guard ordered to stay on, despite doubt about whether they're really needed. Top Republicans say it's time to move on. The Senate has big plans for infrastructure in the U.S. The Democrat chairman of the committee says it's one of Biden's top priorities. Will Republicans support it? ———————
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#Biden #NationalGuard #GunControl House Passes New Gun Control Bill; New Border Policy Endangers Americans' Hard Work: Rep | NTD

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTzne4jvHcI

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