Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Commentary The death of South Africa’s last president before the end of the apartheid era gives reason to pause and reflect on the historic transfer of power from Frederick Willem de Klerk to Nelson Mandela 27 years ago. At the time, mainstream media outlets worldwide described the end of apartheid as a “miracle” and hailed the birth of the “Rainbow Nation.” American journalists saw Mandela’s inauguration as the triumph of liberal democracy, while the media viewed 1990 as the year liberals defeated the twin evils of Soviet Communism and apartheid. But the truth is—whether by incompetence or design—the mainstream media have consistently gotten the story of South Africa wrong. Over the past six years, American conservatives have seen how the majority of the media prioritised progressive or left-leaning causes while demonising the Right. Many may not realise that the same misreporting has been carried out on South African politics for decades. …

Author: Eric Louw
Source: https://www.theepochtimes.com/how-msm-shaped-the-worlds-view-on-apartheid-and-mandela_4106553.html

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