Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Commentary From the Olympians of Greece to the gladiators of Rome, sport has been a feature of organised society since ancient times. Not only is it crucial for amusement and fitness, but there’s also a deeper reason for its unique place in our psyche. Humans tend to be both tribal and competitive. The two aren’t just correlated; they actually stand in need of expression. It just so happens to be that the sporting arena is just about the best alternative to an actual battlefield. It’s where tribal competition finds a non-military outlet. Thus the most vivid displays of nationalist sentiment are unsurprisingly found on the sporting field. Australia has always been known as a sporting nation. Between settlement (1788) and federation (1901), a substantial part of what helped shape the Australian spirit of mateship was genuine bonding over sports. The summers were for cricket and winters for what came to …

Author: Sherry Sufi

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