Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

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Rumble–– For nearly two agonizing years, Dr. Anthony Fauci was the loudmouth of the American government medical machine. He was a media fixture, and his influence was immense. In this episode, Paul interviews Selwyn Duke, a prolific writer and commentator. Duke rehashes Fauci’s harmful policies and ruminates on why Fauci has all but disappeared from the media landscape he relished for so long. Resources & Action Items: 1.) Read The Incredible Disappearing Fauci: 2.) Read When Will Fauci Be Fired?: 3.) Read Covid Lies: 4.) Join The John Birch Society in our epic undertaking to restrain government within its Constitutional parameters and save America: ▶️ More Related Videos
– Supreme Court’s Views on Vax Mandates Threaten Liberty:
– Fear Creates Division:
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