Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Commentary Throughout history, to avoid material harm, or to gain social acceptance from an oppressor group, many people have suppressed a stigmatizing identity and “passed.” Jews have passed for gentile; mixed-race for white; indigenous for non-indigenous. Most of these fakers sought the greatest possible anonymity; the more they blended in, the less scrutiny they attracted. Their motivation—fear of the oppressor—was grounded in reality. Today, it is quite the opposite: Identity fraud by official oppressors passing as the officially oppressed can whisk the perpetrator from anonymity to high status involving social and material reward. Their motivation? Not fear. Envy. The contemporary faker’s habitat is most often a university, where he or, increasingly, she (as opportunities for women in high places soar) is paid large sums of money to promote the interests of the group the faker identifies with. U.S. race fabulist Rachel Dolezal was outed in 2015 after passing for years …

Author: Barbara Kay

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