Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Finally, a former FBI agent expresses his outrage with the arrest of Roger Stone at gunpoint with CNN in tow. 

The Deep State went after Roger Stone because he was a friend of President Trump.

Conservative Roger Stone Arrested by Mueller on Process Crime – NOT Collusion – Still a Witch Hunt

We later learned that Mueller gang leader Andrew Weissmann was behind the Stone arrest.

EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Crook Andrew Weissmann Was Behind Documents Illegally Released to the Press Before Roger Stone Was Even Indicted

Then when it was all over, the Deep State withheld information from Stone that he did nothing wrong and finally released this information late Election night.

ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: The Government’s Stunning Admission That There Was No Evidence Against Stone Regarding January 6th Events

Now finally, a former FBI agent expressed his concerns about the Roger Stone arrest.

I never did a search warrent, conducted a search or arrest of someone who was not a violent offender.  The thought when I heard about what happened with Roger Stone just outraged me so much.  It just wells up inside you.  And you say what’s happened to this great organization that we worked with?

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Author: Joe Hoft

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