Sun. May 16th, 2021

Joe Biden flew to Ohio for some reason to speak about the Democrat Party’s $2.25 Trillion Infrastructure bill that only spends about $157 billion on roads, bridges and airports.

It’s another con job by Democrats.

Via the RNC–


Out of $2.25 trillion in spending, Biden’s plan only includes $157 billion for the things that most Americans recognize as infrastructure:

Only $115 billion for repairing roads and bridges (just 5 percent of the plan)

Only $25 billion for our airports (just 1 percent of the plan)

Only $17 billion for inland waterways and ports (less than 1 percent of the plan)

Not only that but the Biden infrastructure bill pushes the US corporate tax rate above the communist Chinese corporate tax rate.

Then China Joe had the nerve to allege his tax bill with put America in a “position to win the global competition with China.”

You just can’t make up the absurdity coming from the left these days!

No wonder China endorsed Joe Biden for president!

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Author: Jim Hoft

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