Tue. May 17th, 2022

🔴Try Epoch TV for free just by signing up with your email👉 https://ept.ms/0114TalibanIran “I am of the opinion that we will find our conventional military back in Afghanistan [within] 18 months.” Tonight on Kash’s Corner, Kash Patel and Jan Jekielek turn to national security and dive into the mounting debacle in Afghanistan, the push for a new Iran deal amidst sanctions and death threats from Iran, and Russia’s recent maneuverings around Ukraine and Kazakhstan. #Afghanistan #Taliban #Iran – – – 👉Watch EXCLUSIVE episodes only on Epoch TV: www.epochtv.com 💎Subscribe to The Epoch Times: http://readepoch.com/ – – – [EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY] DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns—Now available for FREE on EpochTV! http://ept.ms/desantis – – – Kash Patel Predicts US Will Be Forced to Send Troops Back Into Afghanistan | Kash’s Corner – – – Credits: shutterstock Images: https://shutr.bz/2u8Zdp8
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