Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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00:00 NTD News Today—5/4/2021
01:17 Biden Raises Refugee Cap After Blowback
03:11 MSM Criticized After Retracting Giuliani News
04:39 Republicans Seek Capitol Police Board Probe
06:17 No Prosecution for Many Portland Riot Cases
07:00 Defending Wealth Tax to Fund Social Welfare
08:39 2 Women Charged With Election Fraud in Pa.
09:25 Gov. Officials, Big Tech Jointly Censor: Docs
10:59 Biden Admin May Track More Citizens Online
13:30 Anti-Critical Race Theory Candidates Win Race
14:16 Veterans’ Event Denied Key D.C. Permit
15:01 Experts on Fight Against Human Trafficking
16:58 General: Marine Vehicle Sinking ‘Preventable’
18:02 Mexico City Train Disaster Kills at Least 23
19:33 FBI Shoots Armed Man Outside of CIA HQ
20:06 Most New York Capacity Restrictions Lifting 21:51 Calls to Probe Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal
24:38 New Yorkers Pick Up Trash, Clean Up Streets
27:04 Damaging Storms Push Across the South
30:20 Bill and Melinda Gates to Divorce
31:44 Calif. Allows Earlier Release for 76k Inmates
33:42 EPA to Phase Out the Use of Coolant in A/C
35:17 Woman Finds WWII Military Device in Backyard
36:34 Chinese-Tied Entities Got PPP Loans: Report
38:20 Hong Kong Leader Eyes ‘Fake News’ Laws
39:45 Holiday Tourists Pack Chinese Attractions
42:21 China Aims to Censor Global Internet: Doc
44:47 S. Africa Parks Fear Surge in Rhino Poaching
47:06 Exhibition Sheds Light on Napoleon’s Legacy
49:17 Italian Exhibition on the Supreme Poet: Dante
51:12 Congee: Asia’s Earliest Health Food
54:42 It’s National Orange Juice Day! President Joe Biden raises the refugee cap. Why is he changing course just two weeks after he said he’d keep it at what it was? Mainstream media outlets are criticized after falsely reporting on Rudy Giuliani. The outlets retract a story on him, but are their readers fully aware of the correction? Republican lawmakers request hearings into the U.S. Capitol Police Board. They say the board failed in its duty to protect the Capitol during the breach on January 6th.
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#Refugees #Giuliani #PortlandRiot Mainstream Media Retracts Giuliani News; No Prosecution for Many Portland Riot Cases | NTD


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