Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

A grand Veterans Day parade was held in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 13, to honor veterans who have served and sacrificed their lives for the country. Several military units, marching bands, musical groups, string bands, drum teams, and antique cars graced the borough’s streets to celebrate the day. The parade started on 10th Street and headed south at Market Street and concluded at Market Square Memorial Park. Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty on stilts, along with many other civic and community groups participated. People gathered on both sides of the parade route, proudly waving American flags, cheering, and thanking veterans for their service. Some veterans also expressed their feelings about serving their country. “I’m happy to be here. And it’s an honor to be here with these people. And I don’t tell people that because I lost my squad and everything,” Ed Dougherty, a Vietnam War veteran who was …

Author: Jennifer Yang, Frank Liang

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