Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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01:45 Cabinet Member Resigns: Disrespectful Conduct
02:45 Reporters Grill Psaki on Not Firing Lander
03:36 Unions Collected $37m in Covid Relief: Report
05:30 Gym Owner Who Defied Lockdown Runs for Office
06:34 NJ Lawmakers Revisit Law Allowing Gov. Powers
07:08 NJ Sen. Cites Study: Lockdowns Cut Deaths .2%
09:11 Calif. To Drop Indoor Mask Mandate Feb. 15
09:50 SCOTUS Halts Racial Redistricting in Alabama
10:46 Congressman Violated Disclosure Requirement
11:56 Mich. Closes Bridge to Canada Amid Protests 12:43 Canadian Parliament Debates Trucker Protest 14:17 Democrat Attorneys General Side W/Mexico 15:24 Air Force to Pay for Texas Church Shooting
16:46 Funeral Held for Boston Police Officer
17:41 U.S. Offers $10m Reward for ISIS-K Leader
21:02 X-ray Machines Deployed Ahead of Super Bowl
22:23 USOPC Officials Focus on Mental Health
24:39 Nathan Chen Breaks Yuzuru Hanyu’s Record
25:37 China Turns on US-Born Olympian Zhu Yi
28:50 Olympic Sponsors Face Human Rights Dilemma
32:01 U.S. Calls for ‘Concrete Action’ From China
36:29 Macron Visits Ukraine After Talks With Putin
38:33 Fight or Flight? Ukrainian Women Fear War
40:51 Danes Celebrate Lifting of Virus Restrictions
43:31 St Patrick’s Day to Return in Ireland 44:27 UK Pub Closing After More Than 1K Years 45:20 Copenhagen: Europe’s Largest Light Festival 47:57 If You Want Strong Bones, You Absolutely Need Exercise ———————
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#CanadianTruckers #BidenCabinet Canadian Truckers Ordered to Stop Honking; Biden Cabinet Member Resigns for ‘Disrespectful’ Behavior


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