Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

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NTD Evening News—4/5/2021
1. Analyzing Job Creation in Biden’s New Plan
2. Police Could Face Officer Shortage: Union
3. Justice Thomas Takes Aim at Big Tech
4. Dem Mayor Defends Florida Governor
5. Blinken: U.S. to Lead in Ending Pandemic
6. Fauci: Government Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passport
7. New Staff Deployed to Help Border Facilities
8. Attorneys General Oppose Gun Control Law
9. Iowans No Longer Need Permit to Buy Handguns
9. Arkansas Governor Vetos Transgender Bill
10. Utah Dads Must Pay Half of Pregnancy Costs
11. MLB’s China Deals Spark Outrage After Boycott
12. Biden Delivers Easter Address to Nation
13. Soul Box Project Honors Gun Violence Victims
14. Toxic Pond Threatens Collapse
15. NY Lifts 11PM Curfew for All but Restaurants
16. Third Inmate Mistakenly Released in NYC
17. Vietnamese-American Warns About Communism
18. CA Teachers’ Union Petitions for Childcare
19. Relatives Mourn Victims of Taiwan Train Crash
20. Chinese, U.S. Warships in Int’l Waters
21. CCP Official Embezzles $1.5B, 2700 Properties
22. England to Enter Next Stage of Easing
23. Free Rapid Covid-19 Testing for England
24. Free Climber Scales Barcelona Skyscraper
25. Dog Steals Reporter’s Microphone
26. Wakayama Castle’s Cherry Blossoms in Japan
27. Abandoned Capybara Gets Surrogate Zoo Mom ———————
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