Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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00:00 NTD News Today—4/21/2021
01:10 Biden: Floyd Verdict Will Change the World
03:00 BLM Protest March in Brooklyn, New York
04:49 BLM Protest March in Manhattan, New York
05:59 More Officers Face Trial in George Floyd Case
06:45 Court Packing a ‘Quest for More Power’: AG
08:04 Mexican Shelter Gets Influx of Migrants
09:31 Biden Admin to Add 22k Guest Worker Visas
10:33 TX Reps. See ‘Lack of Compassion’ at Border
13:24 Ariz. Gov. Deploys Nat’l Guard to Border
14:33 CDC Advisers to Discuss J&J Vax on Friday
15:21 James O’Keefe Sues Twitter for Defamation
17:27 NYC Opens New Police Precinct in Queens
18:14 ‘Safe Summer NYC’ to Address Gun Violence
21:38 Apple Launches New Ipad Pro, Slim Colorful Imacs
23:40 52% of Millennials Regret Student Loans: Poll
25:34 Two-Thirds of Americans Planning Summer Trips
26:09 Device Gives New Life To Remote Performances
28:57 China Spreading “Censorship Virus”: Report
31:43 Wife of Rights Lawyer Worries Husband Was Murdered
34:28 Huawei Able to Eavesdrop 6.5M in Netherlands
36:12 U.S., Japan to Invest in 6G to Defeat Beijing
37:26 Press Freedom Index Ranks Hong Kong 80th
38:30 RSF Condemns Attack on Hong Kong Epoch Times 39:08 HK Activists to Congress: Sanctions Work
44:22 European Super League Clubs Admit Defeat
46:33 France’s 40-day Isolation Study in Cave 48:46 Officials Outline Olympic Soccer Matches
49:38 Martial Arts Expert Goes Virtual ———————
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#GeorgeFloyd #BLM #Biden More to Face Trial for Floyd Death; Biden to Add Guest Worker Visas Incl. 6000 for Central Americans


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