Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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NTD News Today—3/24/2021
1. Colorado Shooter Prone to Rage, Delusions
2. Gun Advocates Say Gun Reform Strips Freedom
3. North Korea Follows Threats W/ Missiles Tests 4. Mexico, U.S. Discuss Stemming Migrant Surge
5. State of Emergency in Southern Arizona Town 6. Trump Reveals What He Wrote in Note to Biden
7. Can Congress Make D.C. The 51st State? 8. All Outer Fencing Around Capitol Removed
9. Census Official: Can’t Speed Up 2020 Count
10. Utah Passes Mobile Porn Law
11. Top NYC Firms Mull Fleeing Over High Taxes
12. Three Dolphins Spotted in Brooklyn, New York
13. Hard-hit Cafes Stay Cautious as Covid Eases
14. Mask, Glove Waste Threatens Environment
15. Stores Close, Going Out Less Safe in Chicago
16. China Could Invade Taiwan in Near Future: US Admiral
17. Chinese Military Reportedly Bans Tesla Cars
18. India Sounds Alarm Over Chinese Cyber Attacks
19. Airbnb Asked to Drop Olympics Sponsorship
20. Tencent Boss Meets Antitrust Officials: Sources
21. Massive Ship Runs Aground, Blocking Suez Canal
22. Australian Floods Claim First Fatalities
23. Food Delivery for Animals Stranded by Flood
24. EU to Extend Curbs on Covid-19 Vaccine Exports
25. Covid Law: £5k Fine for Holidays Abroad
26. UK Gets Long-Awaited Military Revamp
27. Disney Delays ‘Black Widow’ Again
28. Good Reasons to Meditate ——————–
New updates on the Boulder, Colorado shooter. The suspect had a history of rage and he bought the assault weapon less than a week before the shooting. But how are the residents coping after the tragedy? North Korea conducts its first missile test since President Joe Biden took office. Biden calls the test “business as usual.” We hear the Pentagon’s response. Migrant protection groups say smugglers are encouraging parents to send their children to the U.S. alone. They say it’s because of Biden’s policy changes. What came out of initial talks between the U.S. and Mexico? ——————–
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#Guns #NorthKorea #Trump North Korea Follows Threats With Missiles Tests; Gun Advocates Say Gun Reform Strips Freedom | NTD


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