Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Links from the video are below: 1.) Contact Congress & Tell Them to Defund the NWO!: 2.) Contact State Legislators to Nullify the WHO Power Grab: 3.) Sign up for legislative alerts: 4.) Join The John Birch Society Today: Go pound sand! That’s what our response should be to any unconstitutional power grab, on any level from local to international. You may have seen some coverage of the latest power grab from the World Health Organization, but the remedy to stop this isn’t to petition the WHO. We’ll look into this organization and its upcoming effort to take control of your health decisions. Be sure to use our free online tool to contact your legislators to tell them to block any efforts from the WHO. Links are in the description. And please be sure to like, subscribe, and share this information. Timestamps:
0:00 Proper Response to WHO Power Grab
0:47 Operating Principles of the American Republic
1:44 We The People Hold the Majority of Powers, Must Nullify Power Grabs
2:30 Does WHO Seek China-like Powers?
3:06 CDC Thinks WHO is Legitimate Authority
4:27 3 Reasons Why WHO is Not Legitimate Authority
5:38 Original US Resolution of WHO Proves No Legal Obligation to WHO
6:53 WHO’s International Health Regulations are Not Enforceable
8:35 All Usurpations of Power Must be Met With Nullification to Protect the People
10:03 WHO is Part of a Global Structure to Usher in World Government
11:22 WHO’s Constitution is “the Magna Carta for Global Meddling”
12:30 In 1958, WHO Accused of Seeking to be a World Authoritarian and Totalitarian Agency to Issue Scientific Truth
15:27 Ways to Stop the WHO ▶️ More Related Videos
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