Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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00:53 NYC Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Buses
01:23 Growing Frustration in Texas Over Border
02:45 Widespread Talk of Killing for Months: Author
03:35 Texas Vigilantes Shoot Two Illegal Immigrants
04:16 Texans' Anger 'Really Visceral': Benson
05:11 Deep Dive Into Border Crisis in Upcoming Book
06:16 Biden Pardons Marijuana Users Before Midterms
08:30 AZ Senate Race: Kelly and Masters Debate
10:38 Texas Man Admits to Cash-for-Ballots Scheme
12:55 County Stops Using Konnech Election Software
13:46 CO Voters to Decide on Free Lunch Proposition
15:37 Sen. Ben Sasse to Resign, Take College Offer
16:22 Lawmaker Fears Loophole in Wisconsin Election
18:31 Trump to CNN: 'Prove the Big Lie'
20:08 Ian-Drenched Electric Cars Prone to Fire
21:05 Biden Links Hurricane Ian to Climate Change
23:10 Hunter Biden Could Be Charged With Tax Crimes
25:02 FBI Officials Avoid Penalties for Misconduct
26:10 SCOTUS to Take Up Cases on Twitter, Youtube
26:58 TX: Uvalde Former Officer Fired From New Job
27:55 Florida High School Bonfire Explosion
28:35 NYC: Rite Aid May Put All Items Behind Glass
29:25 U.S. Buy $290m of Nuclear Emergency Drug
30:06 Visitors From Uganda to Be Screened for Ebola
31:27 U.N. Rejects Debate on China's Rights Abuses
33:42 Preserving Cantonese Language and Culture
36:48 Yacht of Sanctioned Russian in Hong Kong
37:32 Russia-Installed Head of Kherson Slams Russia's Defense Minister
38:46 Biden Gives Stark Warning on Nuclear Threats
39:15 Two Russians Seek Asylum in Alaska
40:45 IMF: Global Economic Outlook 'Darkening'
42:30 Truss Holds Crunch Meetings With EU Leaders
45:12 Newly Renovated Air and Space Museum Opening
2022's Most Popular Halloween Candy by State
45:46 2022's Most Popular Halloween Candy by State
46:38 Mexico City Abloom for Fall Flower Festival
47:18 A Cut Above: the Benefits of Grass-fed Meat
49:48 Californian Crowned Ironman World Champion ———————
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#migrantcrisis #bordercrisis #konnech NYC Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Crisis; Biden Pardons Marijuana Users Before Midterms


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